In modern times, hearing loss has become the third most common health issue and potentially the one that goes the most unheard about. Hearing loss effects 48 million Americans, yet only 20 percent of patients actually invest into regaining their ability of hearing. Untreated hearing loss can have huge impacts on our experiences of everyday life, and should be something strongly considered to improve overall health as well. It is rapidly becoming that overcoming your untreated hearing loss will be one of the best investments in your health.

Taking Action Against Hearing Loss

The best way to become aware of your hearing loss, and to what degree, is to simply take a hearing test. Hearing specialists recommend that people begin annual hearing tests at the age of 50. If a hearing loss is detected, the most common treatment option is the prescription of hearing aids.

Untreated hearing loss will be something that you will live with every single moment, and not taking appropriate action is going to create a constant challenge for yourself. On the other hand, these challenges could be rectified by buying a pair of hearing aids. The benefits of hearing loss treatment will definitely outweigh the costs of not treating your hearing loss.

Social Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

One aspect of life that will be greatly affected by hearing loss will be your social interactions with the people you interact with daily. Since humans are social creatures, communication is a large part of our interactions, which requires good listening abilities.

When someone we love and care about has a difficult day and they wish to share it with you, there is a possibility that they will not get the reaction that they intended for, because if you cannot hear their problems and struggles, you will be unable express your support for them properly and this can cause a distancing between the two of you. Being unable to communicate effectively can lead to isolation, due to the frustration of the difficulty of communication between you and others. Keeping the people that you care about in your life and able to rely on you is a major benefit of hearing loss treatment.

Being an able-bodied individual, life is difficult enough as it is, but to go through life with lower abilities to hearing can spell for a lot of emotional costs as well. Since isolation is common for people with hearing loss, that usually leads to bouts with anxiety, depression and more frequent dealings with negative stress. All of these symptoms can lead to many other issues, and if it all stemmed originally from loss of hearing, then those hearing aids are doing a lot more than just helping you to hear, they are allowing you to properly manage your emotional state for whatever life decides to throw in your direction, which in turn will improve your confidence.

Cognitive Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

In 2013, a study conducted by the ABC Health Study Group showed that taking proper measures to treat hearing loss reduced risk for dementia and other cognitive issues. When your brain is having trouble to determine what is going on in its surroundings, it will go into fight-or-flight mode more often, which will lead to feelings of anxiety and potentially an inability to trust that the people around you are not going to cause you harm. Not only are the cognitive benefits worth it, but the people who choose to not get hearing aids are also more likely to be unable to react accordingly when danger actually does present itself. One recent study titled Association of Hearing Impairment and Mortality in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, found that moderate to severe hearing loss was associated with a 54 percent increased risk of death, and mild hearing loss with a 27 percent increased risk of death, compared with individuals with normal hearing.

Financial Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

A major deterrent for people to acquire hearing aids is the cost of purchasing and maintaining them, but they are also making that decision without knowing the financial benefits that hearing aids provides. With proper hearing treatment, we have improved awareness of the environment around us, thus leading to less injuries which means fewer medical bills.

People who treat their hearing loss have the same earning power as colleagues with normal hearing. Meanwhile, people with untreated hearing loss tend to have lower earning power overall, according to recent studies. Also, with being able to communicate effectively, a person will have better opportunities to make profitable business decisions, which will lead to more money in their pocket. These are just a couple of the financial benefits and there many others worth investigating.

With hearing becoming as common as heart disease and arthritis, it is becoming all the more necessary to take the conditions of your hearing all the more seriously, because if this trend continues, pretty soon, millions more people will be wearing hearing aids. It will just be a matter of how long they endured the difficulties that they imposed on themselves before getting treatment. As you can see now, the benefits of hearing loss treatment can easily become one of the greatest investments in your health in the fore-see-able future.

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